CompiledDomainModel released!

Posted by Robin Hermanussen on April 08, 2012 · 2 mins read

Though the CompiledDomainModel Sitecore module is now a commonly used and deeply rooted part of our Sitecore development strategy within our organisation, that doesn’t mean that there’s no room for improvements.

That’s why I sometimes fix some bugs or add a few features. The easter bunny brings us release And because I haven’t blogged about the previous release, I’ll also include the release notes for that one:


  • Added support for relative fixed paths. So you can use a similar syntax as with fixed paths for paths within the content tree that have a fixed structure, but can be available in different locations.
  • The names of the DomainObjectSets are now included in the namespaces of the generated code. This allows for a better separation of projects/sites.
  • Items are now created by matching them by Sitecore ID, instead of template name
  • Some members made virtual
  • Compatibility with automatic databinding by turning it off during code generation
  • Fieldtype support added for
    1. ImageField
    2. FileField
  • Generated code no longer uses XPath to get the descendants of a specific type; uses a ‘safer’ way now
  • Added a GutterRenderer that displays the fixed paths and configured templates in the bar next to the content tree (more info)
  • Generated code now starts with a prefix that can be used by external tools (like this one) to refresh the generated code.


  • Added “FromParent(…)” static method to create relative fixed paths by resolving the child item by itself
  • Added the option to the global settings to remove dependencies with the CDM module
  • Added IItemWrapperCore, to allow dependencies with generated code to be removed.
  • Better way of determining template and contributing template hierarchy.
  • Fixed a bug that deals with a rather exotic NullReferenceException in the ConfigurationUtil class.

You can find downloads on the Releases page. If you have any questions, just let me know!